Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS Marketing

SMS and Email Technologies Hospitality Solutions offers the means for hotels to pro-actively communicate to new, existing or future guests via our targeted SMS and Email technology. This personalised service can be used to “AUTOMATICALLY” send SMS’s or personalised emails to guests on their birthdays or communicate future special events at the hotel or  send guest reservation confirmation numbers after the reservation has been make in Opera PMS or even to inform guests of restaurant specials once they have checked in – the possibilities are endless. Other uses include departure SMS’s for guests to reply on how their stay was at the hotel. All reply SMS’s are recorded and reported back to the hotels via a easy to read “Dashboard”.


Incorporating Hospitality Solutions broad knowledge in the operation of hotels and the power of SMS and Email technology it has developed methods for extracting much of the needed information out of most PMS’s with as little user intervention as possible.


  • Automated Personal Happy Birthday Messages
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Monthly discounts or specials
  • Reservation Number Confirmation after the PMS booking has been confirmed
  • Welcome message for checked in guests informing them of restaurant specials.
  • Departure Email Messagesto thank guests for staying or asking them to post comments on TRIPADVISOR or any other social platform
  • Reply SMS’s from guests can be forwarded to a hotel email address or another Cellular Phone number at the hotel for easy follow-up