Application Hosting

Hospitality Solutions offers the means for any size hotel to access their applications like Property Management System (PMS) in a fully hosted, managed, and secure environment over the internet. By allowing Hospitality Solutions to host your PMS application, you have access to our expertise for technical support, hotel management knowledge, and data management while you focus on running the hotel.


Hospitality Solutions has procured high specification application servers that allows the PMS applications to be installed on it. Instead of purchasing the necessary hardware (which is extremely costly), your hotel data is loaded as a client on our servers and you have immediate access to your PMS from anywhere in the world. This means that your PMS will be available no matter where you go – if you have an internet connection, you have your Property Management System. Hosting allows for full functionality of normal PMS with the ability to login to print reports, make reservations or perform any other duties required.

It also means that there is no need for your hotel to outlay any capital for the costly servers and operating system software.


Dedicated Hosting Solution

  • Each hotel has their own server or set of servers that have their applications loaded on and no hardware is shared. This is ideal for a chain or group of three or more hotels. Hardware can be procured by Hospitality Solution and then hosted; or the hotels can decide to purchase the hardware themselves and we will host the servers within the our own dedicated cabinet space within the MTN Datacentre in Newlands Cape Town.  The amount of connections (PMS users) will determine the degree of hardware needed.

 Co-Hosted Solution Multiple

  • Hotels are hosted on one server procured and managed by Hospitality Solutions and hardware is shared by a certain number of hotels. Each hotel is given separate space and will work totally independently from the other. No hotel information is seen by any other hotels (as a hotel you will not even know what other hotels are on the server). This option provides for hosting space, includes ‘hardware cost spread’, comprehensive server monitoring, backups and IT support so is ideal for the smaller to medium size properties.

All dedicated and co-hosted servers are in Hospitality Solutions Cabinets within MTN’s Data Centre in Cape Town, Newlands and are connected directly to the MTN’s 1Gig public network. We allocate the exact volume of bandwidth to ensure that connection speed is used efficiently for all hotels. The environment for hardware incorporates a number of physical and logical security measures to ensure access to servers is tightly controlled.

The MTN Data Centre also makes use of redundant and uninterruptible power supplies and have carefully controlled temperature and humidity. A number of peripheral systems are configured to provide services such as automatic backups, hardware monitoring and traffic bandwidth monitoring.


  • Facilities with the highest standards: servers are hosted in MTN’s Data Centre that are built and engineered to ensure the highest possible reliability.
  • Comprehensive services available: monitoring, 24×7 support, backups, hardware rental and management and Microsoft software are some of the value-added services that we have to offer.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Hosting space according to your exact requirements – this means no wasted space and value for money.
  • Support and hi-tech skills: Hospitality Solutions knowledge base and technical expertise represent both the IT sector and Hospitality sector.
  • Maximum availability and Up-Time: no enterprise can afford to lose its on-line presence. Hospitality Solutions Hostings services ensure continuous availability of data, connectivity and mains power to your PMS Application.
  • Add-On Services: Hospitality Solutions also has web servers that can be used as a On-Line booking engine into your PMS. We are specilists in developing web interfaces to your PMS applications such as the Opera Web Service which is licensed software supplied by Micros -Fidelio into Opera. This will allow your hotel to perform real on-line booking and checks live availability of your hotel.
  • Upgrades and Updates: Operating System updates and System Hardware upgrades are constantly implemented to improve the speed and application up-time.
  • Web Services: Sending out of HTML confirmation letters, Targeted Emails and / or SMS’s to client profiles